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happy tuesday, everyone!

evening walk

it’s a quiet evening at our house; home from a long day of work (me) and classes (john), we’re relaxing. homemade granola in the oven, john on the phone with his mom, lamps casting a soft glow into the evening darkness. the granola, a modified version of this is warming our house, filling it with the sweet scent of warm oats, toasted almonds, vanilla, and cinnamon – such a wonderful smell!

the end of daylight savings time caught me off-guard this year, and the early onset of night makes me a bit despondent every late afternoon. too soon, it will be dark both when i leave for work, and when i come home. with winter coming, we’re both craving lots of starches and hearty foods (storing up for hibernation?); chili, cabbage soup, breads spread with apple or pumpkin butter, potatoes and other root vegetables. i’ve been stocking our freezer, too, and am so pleased at the rows of jars filled with preserves (i’m a little gun-shy on the whole canning thing, and not wanting to experiment alone, i opted to freeze the butters, rather than risk botulism. good idea? i certainly think so).

our hallowe’en party went quite well! nearly everyone came in costume: john was a wwii bomber pilot (and very handsome – what is it about a man in uniform, even if it’s just pretend?!), i was Miss Scarlet, from “Clue,” complete with a candlestick. our little living room was full to the bursting, with two civil war soldiers, a woman of ancient rome, a little fuzzy blue bear (6 months old), a gentleman from the ’50s, a pig-man, a blue woman, and a vampire. i watched my first zombie movie, and handled it quite well until it was time for me to walk down the dark hallway, into our pitch-black bedroom, and try not to imagine that john, already in bed, was a zombie. ugh! a quick dash and a leap later, i was safe – and fortunately didn’t land on the already-sleeping john.

how are you preparing for winter? and did you have a good hallowe’en?


fall is finally here!

it's here...

photo friday


My favourite spot on campus:  Just outside the door from John’s history building, this huge, tree-filled common area.  The land slopes gently in this block, and there are several benches scattered throughought, under the trees, under the lamp-posts.  It’s beautiful in the evening, and many times, I’ve sat on a bench and read while I wait for John to finish a class.

This is a year old & I feel a little silly posting this picture, but it makes me smile: my oldest nephew took this photo of me last October, when we made a weekend trip to my mom and dad’s house. He was 3 then, and loved cameras. I took a photo of him (he totally cheesed it up for the camera), and then he wanted to take a photo of me in return. Here it is. Good job, little buddy!

pumpkin nightlife

ssh. he just came home with me this evening, and is still a little shy. wouldn’t even let me photograph his whole face!

fall down memory lane

The perfect autumn morning...
In this part of the country, Fall, as I always knew it, doesn’t really exist. Fall, as I think of it: The freezing morning, chilly midday temperatures, the breath hanging in the air, vivid leaves surrounding you. Mornings when fog lay nestled between the hills, and mist wrapped itself around the trees in the woods. The constant need for a heavy sweater, jeans, and shoes, and always longing for something hot to drink. It always made me want to bake pumpkin bread, to build a fire in the wood-burning stoves, to settle down in a comfortable corner with a beautiful book. I always slept with my window open, just so I could smell that particular Fall smell when I woke up, and feel the chill. Those crisp mornings were my very favourite time of year; they were always so refreshing; they made me feel so alive, so vibrant.

Since moving here, I have missed Fall terribly. Here, and it’s only about 700 miles south of where I grew up, the version of Fall exists in slightly chilly mornings and high temperatures of 85, sometimes even 90. The trees are mostly still green, but when they change, they turn yellowish, then brown, and fall to the ground all dry, curled, and brittle. The cold air in the mornings triggers the old impulse to dress warmly; and I have, layers, denim jackets, scarves, tights, and long sleeves. It’s as though there’s a disconnect in my brain still, regarding this version of Fall – I’m always sweltering in the sun a few hours later when the temperature soars.

So these last few days, I’ve been living vicariously through images from my Mom; bushels of apples from their tree, sitting on the picnic table, and waiting to be made into apple crisp, cider, or sliced and frozen for future pies. Vibrant leaves coating the entire lawn, falling onto the pond, lying on the brick patio. Icy-cold mornings, woodsmoke in the air, the scent of pies, of spices, twirling through the air and making their home feel like the coziest place in Earth.

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