(idea shamelessly borrowed from hulaseventy. andrea is always a good source of inspiration!)

My 24th birthday is coming up in just a few days, and as something to give me a little oomph to get out there, I’ve been compiling a list of things I want to do/accomplish before this time next year.

1. Buy a few prints from my favorite artists.

2. Try jogging/running again, now that I have good shoes. maybe this time I won’t get shinsplints?

3. Spend at least 2 nights a week in the studio, listening to music, doing yoga, or creating. I’ve found that I need a creative outlet, or I get frustrated and feel slightly abandoned.

4. Explore this area of our country more – take day or weekend trips to Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, Bloomington, South Bend. Ramble slowly through little villages along the way. Get out of this town – because, unfortunately, neither of us go tanning or get our nails done, and that’s pretty much the extent of what there is to do right here.

5. Continue vegetarian/vegan life. We’ve been at it since 20 February 2008, and we both feel so healthy.

6. Grow patio tomatoes next summer; this year’s experiment with herbs went quite well (and would be even better if I would remember to use them before I reach up into the cupboards, and add the dried herbs from a jar into our food).

7. Make exercise something we do together 3-4 times a week – braving that hot, sweaty, crowded gym.

8. Write more letters.

9. Attend concerts and performances. It’s part of my life that I’ve really been missing, lately.

10. Blog regularly, two or three times a week (or more, if I’m motivated and adventurous).

11. Learn to crochet (complete: 01/2009).

12. Make or buy handmade for Christmas 2009.

13. Don’t touch those scissors! Resist the urge to chop off all my hair.

15. Repaint the downstairs. (complete: 01/27/2009)

16. Make or find a fantastic gluten-free bread recipe.

17. Read the Lord of the Rings books and watch the movies (complete: 01/25/2009).

18. Teach myself to knit Continental.

(to be continued…)


1 Response to “project 25”

  1. 1 Kate October 26, 2009 at 1:23 pm

    How’d the list go?

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