pockets of peace

in the midst of a crazy day at work, i found myself in a coworker’s office to use his typewriter. he worked only a half-day today and left earlier, but the strands of christmas lights in his office were still lit – he decorated yesterday, eager to herald the season. as i passed through the door, i switched off the harsh fluorescent light overhead, typing instead by the twinkling light of the lights both on the tree and strung around the room; breathing deeply, taking myself back to the magical christmases of my childhood. i stole a moment for myself when i was finished with my task, to just sit there, taking it in the beauty, rather than jumping up and moving on. i felt my shoulders relax, my spine straighten, and knew that i could handle the next few hours of stress.

reminding myself how important it is to carve out + seek these pockets of peace within my days.

1 Response to “pockets of peace”

  1. 1 Jen November 25, 2009 at 8:16 am

    My peace must come after work. At work, the most peaceful thing I can manage is a sip of coffee over the stack of charts on my desk, and in between the laceration that just left and the pneumonia that is coming in.

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