i don’t have a picture for today, but picture this: sitting at the table in the kitchen, tapping away at the laptop, late-afternoon light slanting through the windows. rows of plants lined up near the patio door, the rosemary still going strong, scenting the air and making our meals delicious. a large bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers + green ferns in a simple, clear vase, on an end table by the couch; they’re kept company by a couple white pumpkins and clear glass tealight holders. there’s an aloe plant in a terracotta pot on top of the refrigerator, happy to be mostly forgotten; a purple orchid + African violet stand next to each other on the deep living-room windowsill, seeking the sun. i love being surrounded by all this green, when everything outside seems to be sepia-toned.

the bunch of yellow flowers were free; the cafe (which occupies a corner of the building where i work) closes on the weekends, and as i was eating my lunch on friday, i noticed one of the workers had gathered up all the vases of flowers from the tables and was systematically lining them up on top of a trashcan, then dumping the flowers inside. oh! i rushed over and asked if i could rescue the flowers. she was bemused, but let me (and told me not to tell anyone – so, shh). walking to the car after work, mid-afternoon light on my face, several people smiled at me, and one man even stopped me as i passed the bench where he was sitting. “the sun is beautiful on those flowers,” he said, “what is the occasion?” i explained that i had rescued them from being thrown away, and he gave me a big smile. “congratulations!”


i’ve been ill quite a bit the last two months; first with influenza, and the past week and a half with a crippling sinus infection. i’m on day three of antibiotics (huge, chalky-white pills that i have to take twice a day), and this is the first afternoon in quite a long time that i’ve felt a bit like myself. i’ve been busy as a bee today, cleaning, scrubbing, doing laundry, and preparing for the winter + my parents’ visit. our freezer is full of various preserves and frozen foods, the guest room is being organized, and i’m slowly gathering gifts for my family.

i’ve been completely immersed in ideas lately, changes i want to make in our life, things i want to do in the future. a blog that has me entranced is riana’s these days in french life, along with her food blog, garlic breath. she, her husband, and young daughter live in a old stone house in france, which they are fixing up themselves, using age-old methods. they’re living a slow year, slow life, keeping spending to a minimum, foraging + preserving, and exchanging for things they really need. it’s so refreshing, and something i wish to do in the future (and oh – if only our future could include a stone house in france!)

but for now, i have to take care of the laundry.

i hope this finds you well.


6 Responses to “slowly”

  1. 1 heidi November 22, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    sounds like a nice life to me, both yours and the one in the stone house in france! :) — i hope you feel better soon.
    oh – and need pictures. of this lovilness that is your home!

  2. 2 Kate November 22, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    I love your decorative eye. Wish I had it!

    Have you seen Julie and Julia?

  3. 3 Jen November 22, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    I have lived in my home for over a year now and haven’t hung one iota of anything on my walls. I also have killed two houseplants.
    I have no creative eye when it comes to my home, and I have a black thumb.

  4. 4 Karim November 23, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    This is not a blog entry, but a beautiful short story in which every trivial, forgotten detail becomes a character on its own. I hope that health comes back soon to you.

  5. 5 lemoineau November 24, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    heidi, the antibiotics have finally kicked in, for which i’m very grateful. :) my camera is on the fritz, but i’m hoping that just a quick check-up will do the trick (it’s from the early 70s and, as far as i know, hasn’t been serviced since. yikes!).

    kate, i haven’t seen it, but i’ve been wanting to! waiting for it to come out on dvd – i’m way too cheap to go see it in the theatre. but i love both amy adams and meryl streep, so i’m really anxious to see it!

    jen – i lived in a dorm room for two years, where i couldn’t paint or do anything other than sticky-tak posters to the walls, and it drove me crazy. when we moved in here, i had paint on the walls within the first week. that aside, i do have art + objects on the walls, but it’s just recently that i really feel that our home has really come together. :) also, i used to kill plants (accidentally, of course)! but now i basically just leave them alone most of the time, and feel their soil once a week or so, watering if they’re dry.

    karim, what lovely, lovely words. thank you so very much.

  6. 6 abbey November 29, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    we don’t have a lot of things on our walls either (besides a few of my photographs and that stupid chat noir poster from my tasteless university days- ugh!). i never paid much mind to that until i knew my family was coming to visit and i wanted my home to feel like a lived-in, adult-ish “home.” but you can’t just buy any old art or you look like you popped out of a catalog. i want art in my home to be meaningful so it takes time.

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