It’s a slow day at work, as Saturdays always are, and even more quiet than usual, as I’m the only one here today. Generally, Saturdays are the days where I finish up any projects, and then write in my journal, or research ancestry, or other things that aren’t work-related but are the only things that I can do to keep my sanity during the very long, very slow, very empty, nine-hour shift. It’s the last hurdle I have to get over before my weekend, so sometimes it feels as though time is ticking away much slower than usual. Today is a research day, but not on ancestry; rather, it is a recipe-gathering day.

I think it’s because I haven’t had breakfast yet — I got a rather late start this morning, and went nearly straight from bed to work (with slight detours for a bath and clean clothes), but I am finding all sorts of recipes that I am eager to try. As always happens in late winter, I become lazy in the kitchen, tired of not having vibrantly fresh vegetables, tired of potatoes, tired of rice, tired of frozen peas, tired of the same old thing. I’ve had cereal for supper more times than I care to tell you (John and I agree to get our own food on evenings when neither of us are particularly motivated); and hash browns and eggs, though delicious, have become a more than just a dependable stand-by during this dark winter.

Here I am, however, trying to get some motivation, trying to pull myself out of this no-cooking rut. Well, I found the motivation, and I’ll share it (them):

+ Rachel Wharton’s Bodega Beans, via The Amateur Gourmet
+ Asparagus, artichoke, and shiitake risotto via smitten kitchen
+ Orangettes, via smitten kitchen and, oh
+ clementine cake via, yet again, smitten kitchen.

I’m planning on making the Bodega Beans tonight, and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m not a big fan of beans, especially not big beans (something about the texture), but I’ll make them with Great Northerns, and see what happens. That recipe just looked too good to neglect!

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