i’m terrible with subject lines

(seriously, I am. e-mail, wordpress, any kind of subject line. if I can come up with something witty, then I don’t mind them so much, but usually I sit here for a few minutes, staring blankly, fingers stilled.)

it’s been a fab weekend; last night, we went to the very first Superbowl party I’ve ever been to. I’m not a big (American) football fan, but I do get quite worked up when there’s a definite underdog (I can’t help it, I always root for them). John, however, usually favours the team who has the best chances of winning, so last night was full of elbow pokes and teasing, and everyone was very vocal. A few people at the party (oops, I wrote “pastry” first; I’m eating chocolate chip cookies for dinner, but more on that later) had never watched football before, so for once, I actually knew more about a sport than someone.

Early last week, I delved into a huge project – The Great Repainting of 2009. Our entire downstairs level (living room and eat-in kitchen) has gone from a deep “Bohemian Red’ (or “Lamb’s Blood Red,” as John called it; that name just didn’t have quite the same aesthetic appeal) to a lovely light greenish-grey colour named, quite cryptically, “Hazy Shadow.” Hazy it might be, but it’s really opened up our downstairs; we’d originally loved the red, the bold, striking colour, but I’d really felt lately as though we needed a bit of a lift – especially in winter, when we have so few hours of bright sunlight. Walking through the front door into the living room seemed as though we were walking into a cave. No longer! I painted like a madwoman for two straight days and part of an evening (I had told John that he didn’t need to help me repaint, as I was the crazy person who thought this was necessary in the first place), falling asleep absolutely exhausted. It was completely and utterly worth it, though, and I adore this colour (I actually have an entire gallon of paint left over – last time, it took us two gallons; this time, not even quite a single gallon was used. I’m not complaining, though! It’s nice to think that when we move, in a year and a half, or so, I’ll have this paint all ready for our new home). It’s light, calming, and absolutely beautiful.

In other news, John and I can now (finally) say that we have seen the “Lord of the Rings” movies. we watched all three over few days, with a few of our friends who had been horrified that we’d never seen them. They were quite alright, but then again, I’d never read all the books, so the movies didn’t mean as much to me as our LOTR-loving friends. I had attempted to read them when I was younger; I read The Hobbit (yes, I’m aware that’s not technically part of the series), Fellowship of the Ring, and then got half-way through The Two Towers, until I was in the mid of an epic battle that seemed to stretch on for a hundred pages. I put it down then (I very, very rarely ever not finish a book), and haven’t ever finished the series. That was sixteen years ago, though; so I’m giving the books another try – I brought The Hobbit home from the library a few days ago.

I’m in the middle of making these cookies right now; and they are the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that I have found thus far. I wish I’d come across that recipe yesterday, as we were to take sweet snacks to the party. I made a pan of Chocolate Chip Coconut Bars, my old stand-by, and they – fickle things that gluten-free baked goods can be – turned out inexplicably dry. I was incredibly frustrated, because I expect more from my baking than I would from anyone else. People are naturally suspicious of items that are made for “special diets,” and I don’t want my food to be just passable, or “good…for a gluten-free ________.” I want them to hold their own, to be just as good, if not better, than a gluten-filled equivalent.

I need to check on the cookies, so I must go.

In parting: For fun, go to google, type “fascist nerd,” click the “I’m feeling lucky” button. YES!

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