a few things

our evenings, lately, when I would have been spending time online, have been spent playing Monopoly or Risk. Agh! The cold weather here just makes us want to have game night every night. The totals are as follows: Risk: John:2, dänika:0 ; Monopoly: John:2, dänika:2. Let’s just say that I’m much more willing to agree to play Monopoly than Risk – at least with Monopoly, I have a shot at winning. John’s been playing Risk for decades, while I’m still a novice.

we had a great, fun Thanksgiving with John’s extended family. I’ve been sick as a dog with a head/upper-chest cold for the past week+, and didn’t even get to hold the little baby addition to the family, who we hadn’t gotten to meet until then. So sad! I have to say, though, even from across the room, she was pretty adorable.

some things I’m loving:
+ this coat from frecklewonder
+ a recipe for PlayClay , with a gluten-free option. Hooray!
+ prints from this etsy shop, especially prints that have a little hedgehog friends. (I especially love that second one.)
+ shauna’s recipe for pumpkin pie (gluten-free, of course. also, should I not admit confess that we [ just the two of us ] competely took care of a whole 9-inch pie in less than 24 hours?).

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