dreams and such

two nights ago, I dreamt that John and I had twins (no, I’m not pregnant). They were a boy and a girl, and we named them Oliver and Olivia. When they were born, the first thing we noticed was that they obviously had direct Japanese ancestry, which of course was a huge surprise for John and me, but not a shock; because apparently, in my dream world, ethnicity was another seemingly arbitrary factor like what hair or eye colour they would have.

oh, how bizarre.

it’s another quiet weekend, which I adore; I’ve spent the day cleaning and organizing, and we went and wandered around Goodwill for a while, as well. I don’t know if it’s because we live in an area that has a very low per-capita income, but I have never seen such a highly-frequented Goodwill as ours; the turnover rate of every item is so, so quick. If I spot something I might want to get, I have to pick it up and walk around with it as I browse the rest of the store, because it would, most likely, not be there anymore if I stopped by later to get it. We picked up a very heavy, angular, glass tea-light holder, a pair of 1960s reading glasses for John, and a wide, black faux patent-leather belt for me.

I am happy to report that while wearing my new shoes, I neither broke my ankle nor slipped across the floor at work (nor slid down the stairway, for that matter).

another one of my favourite weekend things is getting to watch Bob Ross on PBS. Greatest recent quote:
“The evergreens are hiding right there in the fan brush.” He just seemed like such a sweet guy.

I’ve really enjoyed going through this site over the past few days; I adore seeing how people express themselves and their creativity through the clothes they choose to wear.

Lately, I’ve been reading these books:

Cook with Jamie, by Jamie Oliver (my favourite person on Food Network)
Watching the English, by Kate Fox
Pretty: The NYLON Book of Beauty” I’m enamoured with the looks of the 1940s-early 60s recently (oh. this book, by the way, left out Audrey Hepburn in their lists and photos of striking, iconic actresses of decades past. does. not. compute.)
The Sealed Letter, by Emma Donoghue

what’s been on your reading list lately – or what would you like to be reading?

1 Response to “dreams and such”

  1. 1 Karim November 24, 2008 at 1:06 am

    Not reading much at the moment, but I wish I could read more James Joyce or Mario Benedetti these days. Who knows, maybe I should spend less time playing with cameras and more time reading. :-)

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