settling in again

this weekend found john and me in the heart of the South for the wedding of one of his best friends; john was a groomsman (a very handsome one, if I do say so myself).  we had to be in town no later than thursday night (per the bride’s orders, though the wedding was on saturday!), so we left after I finished work that night at 6:30, and I took the next two days off, as my schedule is tuesday-saturday.   after a 6-hour drive, weaving between mountains and going through a few large cities, we were there.  the scenery was fantastic – we didn’t see it on the way there, of course, as darkness falls very early now, but the drive home on sunday was spectacular.    I’ve always loved roadtrips with john, the windows down, music playing, and wonderful conversation.  it’s one of my favourite things.

it was our first time out of the area since our trip to wisconsin in august, and we stayed with friends (the groom’s sister and her husband and baby), which was very, very fun.  john grew up with the groom’s family, and they’ve always been close, so really, it felt like we were surrounded by extended family.  I actually got teary-eyed when we had to leave on Sunday morning, it felt like we were leaving family.  they were all so welcoming to me, and just so, so sweet.  I really miss them. 

this weekend also tested my vegetarianism more than anything ever has!  I’ve been a strict vegetarian since february 20th, but surrounded by a big italian family, tons of amazing cheese and meats, it was so hard to ignore my stomach and my tastebuds which were screaming for all of it.  sunday morning before we left, they made fresh sausage patties with breakfast, and the smell was unbelieveably wonderful – and I never liked sausage even before becoming a vegetarian! 

whenever we come home after a trip, no matter how wonderful or fun it was, I always feel like I need a few days to adjust, to recouperate, to settle back into our routines, to clean and putter around the house.


I scored this quilt from the local goodwill store last week. it’s small, probably 5’x5′, but hand-made, and in beautiful condition. I don’t know who could donate a hand-made quilt to goodwill! I’m such a sucker for vintage fabrics, and this was no exception – I love all the little slips of fabric used in this quilt; after I got it, I spent tons of time just looking at each piece; some only occur once in the entire quilt. it’s very eclectic and I think it’s just beautiful; and, of course, as someone who still has her stack of cut triangles still waiting to be sewn into her own quilt, I have deep admiration for the person whose handiwork this is!

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